What to wear?
It is recommended to bring comfortable clothing for the movement work and to wear briefs or shorts that are made from stretchy material. Women may want to wear a loose camisole or a bra that opens in the back.

What you can do before and after Rolfing
Be sure you are well hydrated before coming since hydrated tissue is easier to work with and please stay home if you are sick. Allow 80-90 minutes per session, plus some extra time to integrate the work before driving home.

How often should you come in?
For best results, Rolfing is traditionally done on a weekly basis.


Advanced Rolfing can be an individual “tune-up” session or a series of 3 or more sessions depending upon the change you are seeking.

All Rolfing series are designed together with each individual to concentrate on their personal goals. If you are unsure as to whether the ten series is for you, I recommend trying one to three introductory sessions to get a sense for the work.


Jennifer Eisele, CMT
Certified Advanced Rolfer

Located in the Historic Branciforte Plaza at 555 Soquel Avenue, Suite 260 Santa Cruz CA 95062